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WO-0153520-A2: Gene chip for neonate screening patent, WO-0189179-A3: Cableless hands-free device, especially for mobile phones and computers patent, WO-03049500-A3: Method and device for producing an electrical strip conductor on a substrate patent, WO-2004066493-A1: Saw component having an improved temperature coefficient patent, WO-2005087536-A1: Headrest for the seat of a motor vehicle with a support body patent, WO-2007073965-A1: Integrated semiconductor circuit patent, WO-2007131472-A3: Method and arrangement for air quantity regulation of a combustion system which is operated with solid fossil fuels patent, WO-2009121617-A1: Reactor for anaerobically treating waste water patent, WO-2010034662-A1: Method for isolating neural cells with tenascin-r compounds patent, WO-2010040459-A1: Integrated method for producing chlorine patent, WO-2010115521-A3: Centering element for container holders on container processing machines, container holder, and container processing machines comprising such container holders patent, WO-2013029755-A1: Ascertainment of the optical imaging properties of an eye patent, WO-2013034257-A3: Multi-part rear wall structure arranged between the vehicle rear and the passenger compartment patent, WO-2013123925-A1: Workpiece with marking patent, WO-0022642-A1: Electric device with a connection clip and a receiving fixture for a second electric device patent, WO-0053496-A1: Packaging machine and method for packaging a bulk product patent, WO-2007090625-A1: Plastic container having at least one electrode made of electrically conductive plastic patent, WO-2012062291-A2: Internal combustion engine patent, WO-2013020997-A1: Fuel cell, fuel cell assembly, and method for producing a fuel cell patent, WO-2014009394-A1: Kneader mixer for treating viscous or pasty products in a product chamber patent, WO-2014131390-A3: Motor vehicle door closure patent, WO-2015110116-A1: Folding ladder that can be converted into a transportation trolley patent, WO-2017021051-A1: Sintered blank for producing a dental prosthesis patent, WO-9904656-A1: Tobacco rod suction conveyor for cigarette rod making machine patent, WO-0168961-A1: Inorganic hollow fibers patent, WO-2004018143-A1: Method and device for producing nozzle-type openings in spray arms for dishwasher machines patent, WO-2004099002-A1: Device for packaging rigid receptacles that are open at one end patent, WO-2006042440-A1: Pharmaceutical canscora diffusa-containing composition patent, WO-2008022365-A3: Compositions for influencing the effects of organophosphorus compounds and use of galanthamine, its derivatives and analogues for producing such compositions patent, WO-2009109573-A1: Use of flavonoide compounds for the propyhylaxis and therapy of ischaemic or inflammatory heart and cardiovascular diseases patent, WO-2011088881-A1: Electrical energy unit and spacer patent, WO-2015078580-A3: Hydrodynamic machine patent, WO-0001227-A1: Method for determining the origin of and/or identifying animals or biological material patent, WO-0242137-A1: Method for operating an electronically adjustable brake actuation system patent, WO-2007087990-A1: Control element patent, WO-2008131465-A1: Method for controlling a relational database system patent, WO-2017174079-A1: Device for curing a lining sleeve comprising a camera device patent, WO-9942139-A2: Hydroxyethyl starch conjugate, method for the production thereof and pharmaceuticals containing the same patent, WO-2004087086-A3: Efficient oxidative hair preparation comprising fiber structure stabilization by means of radical interceptors patent, WO-2005028692-A1: Ods-alloy of molybdenum, silicon and boron patent, WO-2011042009-A1: Clamping device patent, WO-2014000961-A1: Fuel injector having a magnetic actuator patent, WO-0158274-A1: Dog beverage patent, WO-2007031055-A1: Stable aqueous graphite dispersion with high solids content patent, WO-2008049622-A1: Device for tightening and releasing clamping tools patent, WO-2017012802-A1: Material with at least two layer coverings patent, WO-0208621-A1: Linear antifriction bearing patent, WO-2010072439-A1: Low monomer 1 : 1 monoadducts of reactive olefinic compounds and diisocyanates using insertable inhibitors patent, WO-2012034247-A1: Method and system for stimulating the health of cultivated vegetables and inhibiting the attack of phytopathogenic micro-organisms patent, WO-9715203-A1: Glove for harvesting grapes and the like patent, WO-2016156652-A1: Relay and method for controlling the relay patent, WO-2008155439-A3: Meat and fish products enriched with lycopen by means of addition of tomato peel patent, WO-2016189410-A1: Pelvic device for taking x-rays patent, WO-2008096266-A1: Portable and foldable module for exhibition and sale of articles patent, WO-9117099-A1: A system for the disposal of medical waste patent, WO-0057056-A3: Pump assembly and related components patent, WO-0165984-A1: Apparatus and method for windlocking a building opening patent, WO-03089561-A2: Compositions comprising a dispersant and microcapsules containing an active material patent, WO-2004114462-A1: Hybrid antenna using parasitic excitation of conducting antennas by dielectric antennas patent, WO-2006084153-A2: Methods and materials with trans-clomiphene for the treatment of male infertility patent, WO-2006123369-A1: Variants at chr8q24.21 confer risk of cancer patent, WO-2007113600-A1: Measurement of the oxidants-antioxidants balance in liquids patent, WO-2010043538-A2: Brewing process patent, WO-2010065613-A2: Annexina2 as immunological target patent, WO-2011039137-A1: Lactobacillus and streptococcus promoters and uses thereof patent, WO-2011075596-A1: Crystalline forms of certain 3-phenyl-pyrazole derivatives as modulators of the 5-ht2a serotonin receptor useful for the treatment of disorders related thereto patent, WO-2011076421-A2: Compositions comprising venlafaxine and celecoxib in the treatment of pain patent, WO-2011080761-A1: An improved dry powder inhaler patent, WO-2011088556-A1: Compositions and methods for enhancing fluid recovery for hydraulic fracturing treatments patent, WO-2011106362-A1: Absorbent article with improved garment-like character patent, WO-2011141704-A1: Novel cyclic cationic lipids and methods of use patent, WO-2011144358-A1: Histidine-containing solution for transfection and/or injection of nucleic acids and uses thereof patent, WO-2011148193-A1: Sirna and their use in methods and compositions for the treatment and/or prevention of eye conditions patent, WO-2012013728-A1: Arylcyclopropylamine based demethylase inhibitors of lsd1 and their medical use patent, WO-2012035141-A1: Anti-hutnfr1 antibody patent, WO-2012044256-A1: An ocular lens patent, WO-2012143012-A1: Prostacyclin and analogs thereof administered during surgery for prevention and treatment of capillary leakage patent, WO-2012143552-A1: Process for preparing a suspension of solid biomass particles in a hydrocarbon-containing liquid and converting the suspension patent, WO-2012160027-A1: Recombinant expression of soluble interferon patent, WO-2012171860-A1: Tricyclic antibiotics patent, WO-2012175985-A1: Capsules, apparatus and methods for preparing a beverage patent, WO-2013052461-A1: Processes for producing acrylic acids and acrylates patent, WO-2013058960-A2: Compact sense amplifier for non-volatile memory patent, WO-2013068348-A1: Lna oligomers for improvement in hepatic function patent, WO-2013074477-A1: Naphthenic-rich liquid crystalline polymer composition with improved flammability performance patent, WO-2013128409-A2: De novo integron recombination sites and uses thereof patent, WO-2013144916-A1: Tranilast compositions and cocrystals patent, WO-2014060496-A1: Method and arrangement for controlling an electro-acoustical transducer patent, WO-2014082871-A1: Substituted 2-[phenoxy-phenyl]-1-[1,2,4]triazol-1-yl-ethanol compounds and their use as fungicides patent, WO-2014082935-A1: Cyclic nucleoside derivatives and uses thereof patent, WO-2014124252-A1: Surgical stapling cartridge with layer retention features patent, WO-2014177524-A1: C-linked heterocycloalkyl substituted pyrimidines and their uses patent, WO-2015004633-A1: Antibodies that recognize islet-amyloid polypeptide (iapp) patent, WO-2015148360-A1: Cleaning compositions containing a polyetheramine patent, WO-2015161137-A1: 3'-substituted methyl or alkynyl nucleosides for the treatment of hcv patent, WO-2015189478-A1: Payload-polymer-protein conjugates patent, WO-2016018462-A1: Sae 15w-30 lubricating oil composition having improved oxidative stability patent, WO-2016115496-A1: Metabolite biomarkers predictive of renal disease in diabetic patients patent, WO-2016201049-A2: Formulations for neoplasia vaccines and methods of preparing thereof patent, WO-2017041053-A1: Polymeric bile acid nanocompositions targeting the pancreas and colon patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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